Free Crap on the Side of the Road
"Where did Orange Crush go?""I think he likes that Orange Crush."Orange sex in corner.

"Where did Orange Crush go?"
"I think he likes that Orange Crush."
Orange sex in corner.

Free to a good homeThese regal chairs. And also,bad rabid squirrel bites. 

Free to a good home
These regal chairs. And also,
bad rabid squirrel bites. 

A fluffy pillow.Rest your head. Relax, my friend.Then, get small pox. :/

A fluffy pillow.
Rest your head. Relax, my friend.
Then, get small pox. :/

Wall vs. SidewalkThe neighborhood chess champs play.Way better than Curb. 

Wall vs. Sidewalk
The neighborhood chess champs play.
Way better than Curb. 

Bedside table lampPerfect to read books in bed.Shorts though. Flames engulf.

Bedside table lamp
Perfect to read books in bed.
Shorts though. Flames engulf.

The possessed vacuum!Sucked up four souls already!Are you next? ARE YOU?!?!?!

The possessed vacuum!
Sucked up four souls already!
Are you next? ARE YOU?!?!?!

Poor Two-Size CharlieGot run over by a train.No need for shoes now!

Poor Two-Size Charlie
Got run over by a train.
No need for shoes now!

Three kids are now lost!This toy slide is monsterous.Takes them straight to hell. :/

Three kids are now lost!
This toy slide is monsterous.
Takes them straight to hell. :/

Don’t be shy toilet!Get out of the box…okay?Wait! Stay. Smells like shit!

Don’t be shy toilet!
Get out of the box…okay?
Wait! Stay. Smells like shit!

A free Branson book.Losing My Virginity?!Lost my appetite. :/

A free Branson book.
Losing My Virginity?!
Lost my appetite. :/