Free Crap on the Side of the Road
Knitted toys - SO CUTE!Stuffed animals and mobiles!Ack - Kid chokes on yarn.

Knitted toys - SO CUTE!
Stuffed animals and mobiles!
Ack - Kid chokes on yarn.

The birth of JesusCelebrate with tinsel, lights!The death of a tree.

The birth of Jesus
Celebrate with tinsel, lights!
The death of a tree.

Toes, ears, nose. Ok.But where are your legs young child?YOU GENETIC FREAK!

Toes, ears, nose. Ok.
But where are your legs young child?

Are you retarded?Intellifax is broken?!It’s not plugged in, dolt.Photo courtesy of Melinda Young-Flynn

Are you retarded?
Intellifax is broken?!
It’s not plugged in, dolt.

Photo courtesy of Melinda Young-Flynn

Piece of historyT. Roosevelt’s chamber potPresidential poop.

Piece of history
T. Roosevelt’s chamber pot
Presidential poop.

Ooh, you bad bad boy.You fit on a full size bed.Do you fit on me? XOXOXOXO

Ooh, you bad bad boy.
You fit on a full size bed.
Do you fit on me?


Hurricane JudithIt was a ferocious storm.Took Judith away. :(
Photo courtesy of Dianne Ollernshaw

Hurricane Judith
It was a ferocious storm.
Took Judith away. :(

Photo courtesy of Dianne Ollernshaw

Who you kidding, desk?All that smut written on you?White virgin desk? RIGHT. :/Photo courtesy of Cinda Christie

Who you kidding, desk?
All that smut written on you?
White virgin desk? RIGHT. :/

Photo courtesy of Cinda Christie

Zapped to ‘nother worldThe Roman Time Traveler.Run down by a bus.Photo courtesy of Ann Manning

Zapped to ‘nother world
The Roman Time Traveler.
Run down by a bus.

Photo courtesy of Ann Manning

Please, take this fruit here.What?! Of course not. Poison free!(Evil laugh. Poisoned)

Please, take this fruit here.
What?! Of course not. Poison free!
(Evil laugh. Poisoned)