Free Crap on the Side of the Road
I hate my children.My teenager’s growing up.Take my “Young Adult” Photo courtesy of Gregory Flynn

I hate my children.
My teenager’s growing up.
Take my “Young Adult”

Photo courtesy of Gregory Flynn

Granny was golfer.LPGA tour! She died.Inherited hat.

Granny was golfer.
LPGA tour! She died.
Inherited hat.

Giant butter patYou should SEE the pancakes nowServed at that IHOP.

Giant butter pat
You should SEE the pancakes now
Served at that IHOP.

A guide to yogaFirst, light Centering CandleACK! MY BOOBS CAUGHT FIRE!

A guide to yoga
First, light Centering Candle

You feel the spirit?You FEEL it?! Holy shit, yes.It just touched by ass! :/

You feel the spirit?
You FEEL it?! Holy shit, yes.
It just touched by ass! :/

Whose been naughty? Nice?I have been naughty, frankly.Santa’s doing drugs. :/

Whose been naughty? Nice?
I have been naughty, frankly.
Santa’s doing drugs. :/

Sweet dreams, my loverRest your head to sleepy town.NIGHTMARE PILLOWS?! SHIT!

Sweet dreams, my lover
Rest your head to sleepy town.

A free Jell-o mold!Not used since my mother died.It’s now full of mold.

A free Jell-o mold!
Not used since my mother died.
It’s now full of mold.

These are not marblesThese aren’t jaw breakers, either.They’re baby planets!

These are not marbles
These aren’t jaw breakers, either.
They’re baby planets!

It is quite simpleHow to be a gentleman?Give away free books!

It is quite simple
How to be a gentleman?
Give away free books!