Free Crap on the Side of the Road
Don’t be shy toilet!Get out of the box…okay?Wait! Stay. Smells like shit!

Don’t be shy toilet!
Get out of the box…okay?
Wait! Stay. Smells like shit!

A free Branson book.Losing My Virginity?!Lost my appetite. :/

A free Branson book.
Losing My Virginity?!
Lost my appetite. :/

Why did she leave me?Weekends of great movie nights.I have great taste - SEE?!??!

Why did she leave me?
Weekends of great movie nights.
I have great taste - SEE?!??!

Praise Computer Gods!Sweet Holy Moses - we’re blessed!Free parts no one wants! 

Praise Computer Gods!
Sweet Holy Moses - we’re blessed!
Free parts no one wants! 

My name is Jimmy!I’m a friendly space robot!I feed on children. 

My name is Jimmy!
I’m a friendly space robot!
I feed on children. 

This is the football.You should SEE the guy tackled.Actually, he’s dead. :(

This is the football.
You should SEE the guy tackled.
Actually, he’s dead. :(

Summer day sofa!Underneath the shade of trees.ACK! BIRD SHIT ON ME!!!
Photo courtesy of Ann Manning

Summer day sofa!
Underneath the shade of trees.

Photo courtesy of Ann Manning

On exhibit nowDown along the railroad tracksKeith Haring’s sofa.

On exhibit now
Down along the railroad tracks
Keith Haring’s sofa.

Soak it up nerd squirrelYou make look cute now but waitSkin cancer’s coming

Soak it up nerd squirrel
You make look cute now but wait
Skin cancer’s coming

Microwave oven?!I don’t think so. Controls minds!Heat - or CERTAIN DOOM!?!??!

Microwave oven?!
I don’t think so. Controls minds!
Heat - or CERTAIN DOOM!?!??!