Free Crap on the Side of the Road
A free game of chess(The board is full of cooties!)Ha! Ha! Checkmate, fool!

A free game of chess
(The board is full of cooties!)
Ha! Ha! Checkmate, fool!

My pee stained garbageAll of this could be yours NOW!I’ve been evicted. :(

My pee stained garbage
All of this could be yours NOW!
I’ve been evicted. :(

The T.V. is lostWandering around the forest madat how “Lost” ended.

The T.V. is lost
Wandering around the forest mad
at how “Lost” ended.

I can get blessed here.Just this way for salvation!OHHHH! Free ROPE. Not Pope. :/

I can get blessed here.
Just this way for salvation!
OHHHH! Free ROPE. Not Pope. :/

It’s the Welcome Bear!Yes, he’s a little worse for wear. Honey addict. :(

It’s the Welcome Bear!
Yes, he’s a little worse for
wear. Honey addict. :(

Happy birthday, me!…I’m drunk. Wait, where’s my necklace?…WAIT! WHERE ARE MY PANTS?!?!Photo courtesy of Gregory Flynn

Happy birthday, me!
…I’m drunk. Wait, where’s my necklace?

Photo courtesy of Gregory Flynn

What’s totally radIs sitting your ass on this!Wo! Yeah! Awesome, dude!

What’s totally rad
Is sitting your ass on this!
Wo! Yeah! Awesome, dude!

Thomas Train EngineDied. He was then taxidermedinto a small grill. 

Thomas Train Engine
Died. He was then taxidermed
into a small grill. 

Jug of canolaOn tonight’s dinner menuFried diabetes

Jug of canola
On tonight’s dinner menu
Fried diabetes

What a boring book.Unfortunate…they haven’tMade the movie yet. :/

What a boring book.
Unfortunate…they haven’t
Made the movie yet. :/