Free Crap on the Side of the Road
A prank that went wrongEasy chair ejector seatGrandpa still in tree

A prank that went wrong
Easy chair ejector seat
Grandpa still in tree

To hell with this thing.Serious. To hell with it.One free hand basket.

To hell with this thing.
Serious. To hell with it.
One free hand basket.

It wasn’t at all.Entertainment center? NO!Couldn’t even sing.

It wasn’t at all.
Entertainment center? NO!
Couldn’t even sing.

We toasted with these.Take them. Or else I’ll break them.Use shard to stab him.

We toasted with these.
Take them. Or else I’ll break them.
Use shard to stab him.

Nic Cage’s old chair.Cage sacrificed by evil!The Wicker Man’s dead.

Nic Cage’s old chair.
Cage sacrificed by evil!
The Wicker Man’s dead.

Kinda stupid game.Trying to play soccer here.Goal posts WAY to close.

Kinda stupid game.
Trying to play soccer here.
Goal posts WAY to close.

Defective TVTurns on only in ParisHunchback of TV

Defective TV
Turns on only in Paris
Hunchback of TV

"ACK! GROSS! Bibles? ICK!""NOOO! These are NOT religious!!!AT ALL!” “Phew. Thank God.”Photo courtesy of Gregory Flynn

"ACK! GROSS! Bibles? ICK!"
"NOOO! These are NOT religious!!!
AT ALL!” “Phew. Thank God.”

Photo courtesy of Gregory Flynn

The masking tape guyNow available for hireFreelance tape writing

The masking tape guy
Now available for hire
Freelance tape writing

My kid CANNOT mow.He’s lost three toes since last week!Stupid 3-year-old.

My kid CANNOT mow.
He’s lost three toes since last week!
Stupid 3-year-old.