Free Crap on the Side of the Road
This sofa’s filthy!Give it to that Pig Pen kid.That grimy peanut.

This sofa’s filthy!
Give it to that Pig Pen kid.
That grimy peanut.

It’s meeting time, bums!Let’s stand around. Ask for cash.Great. Meeting adjourned!

It’s meeting time, bums!
Let’s stand around. Ask for cash.
Great. Meeting adjourned!

My baby can’t cook!It just tastes like total shit.Future chef? Yeah, right.

My baby can’t cook!
It just tastes like total shit.
Future chef? Yeah, right.

Beautiful flute? No!Sipped up a caterpillar!A big fuzzy one! :(

Beautiful flute? No!
Sipped up a caterpillar!
A big fuzzy one! :(

Blood thirsty hell beastIt looks cute, this seal, I know.But he killed two kids. :(

Blood thirsty hell beast
It looks cute, this seal, I know.
But he killed two kids. :(

Got all this stuff outThen, alcohol poisoningBig jug of vodka.

Got all this stuff out
Then, alcohol poisoning
Big jug of vodka.

A prank that went wrongEasy chair ejector seatGrandpa still in tree

A prank that went wrong
Easy chair ejector seat
Grandpa still in tree

To hell with this thing.Serious. To hell with it.One free hand basket.

To hell with this thing.
Serious. To hell with it.
One free hand basket.

It wasn’t at all.Entertainment center? NO!Couldn’t even sing.

It wasn’t at all.
Entertainment center? NO!
Couldn’t even sing.

We toasted with these.Take them. Or else I’ll break them.Use shard to stab him.

We toasted with these.
Take them. Or else I’ll break them.
Use shard to stab him.